The role of the board in business transformation

‘Business transformation is difficult, messy and doesn’t always work; not being aware of the need to change is even worse’

Change is the new normal

Transformation projects used to be singular events; now change is an everyday part of life so businesses and their leaders constantly need to adapt to thrive

Business leaders must learn to let go and give staff power

people working

Introducing agile thinking into an organisation needs to start at the top or it will fail to win the backing of key employees

Adapting to disruption in the legal landscape

Despite increasing numbers, lawyers in the UK face uncertain times as legal aid and fees are squeezed, and alternative firms owned by non-lawyers provide competition

Spending Review – what does it mean for innovative business?

Changes by the government to the way it supports innovation must be carefully managed, argues Jen Rae, senior researcher at Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation

How best to make changes?

How to achieve business transformation to stay competitive, whether through major change management or small continuous improvements, has split opinion

How your business can thrive in turmoil

Successful businesses are those that anticipate change and embrace disruption as a positive force driving innovation and growth

Pivot your business strategy to thrive long-term

When business stagnates or a newcomer steals your market, agile thinking and swift action can save the company. Case studies from William Hill and BT