Robots, reality and revolution

The largest plant in Poland owned by a global-brand manufacturer of household cleaning products has averaged more than one addition to the production team every week for the last two years. What makes this trend noteworthy is the fact that all 124 new arrivals are robots

Concentrate on your customers

Big Data

Technology and new strategies are enabling mid-size companies to compete with giant competitors and deliver big returns, says Chris Penfold, vice president mid-market Europe and Latin America at Criteo

Re-architect for business insight

A less-than-cultured friend of mine once told me: “Ballet is a French word meaning ‘expensive nap’.” In response, I joked that, even if this were true, it at least meant something, unlike most of the corporate jargon I encounter in my day job, says Tom Monahan, CEB chairman and chief executive officer

What lies behind a painted smile?

There’s a whole lot more to packaging than meets the eye, as Des King reports

Unstoppable march of data science

Big data is revolutionising the way companies do business and looks set to open up further opportunities for growth, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Are robots virtually the real thing?

Virtual companies are already a reality thanks to outsourcing, writes Sally Percy, who discovers “robots” are set to become the outsourcers of the future

New generation of BPO

The last decade saw the offshoring of business process services to many locations across the globe. But the future of business process outsourcing (BPO) is not about location – it is about radical re-engineering of business based on technology, smart and secure use of data, and delivering business outcomes

Quick response needed to update ageing technology systems

Computer technology is at the core of financial services, yet it can be slow to respond to switched-on customers in a digital world, writes Rod Newing