Unstoppable march of data science

Big data is revolutionising the way companies do business and looks set to open up further opportunities for growth, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Are robots virtually the real thing?

Virtual companies are already a reality thanks to outsourcing, writes Sally Percy, who discovers “robots” are set to become the outsourcers of the future

New generation of BPO

The last decade saw the offshoring of business process services to many locations across the globe. But the future of business process outsourcing (BPO) is not about location – it is about radical re-engineering of business based on technology, smart and secure use of data, and delivering business outcomes

Quick response needed to update ageing technology systems

Computer technology is at the core of financial services, yet it can be slow to respond to switched-on customers in a digital world, writes Rod Newing

Different shades of ‘grey sheds’ can beat competition

The warehouse is the beating heart of the supply chain, but the “grey shed” now does a lot more than just circulate goods, writes Sam Tulip

Can companies refrain from ‘never going to give you up’

While the truth is that data may be more secure in the cloud than on-site, Michael Dempsey discovers there is some information firms just can’t bear to part with

Auto-trading takes step forward

With an impressive range of digital accessories now available on broker platforms, Kevin Rose examines the evolution of predictive trading systems

People still buy from people – not from computers

The economic crash elevated technology to top priority for sales teams seeking success, as Stephen Armstrong reports