The rapid rise of robots replacing workers

Person using Uber app

History may teach us not to stand in the way of technological advances revolutionising the future of work, but the lesson to be learnt is progress should benefit the workforce

5 ways AI personal assistants will change work

Personal assistants at work

Already they are beginning to take the drudgery out of office admin – now virtual personal assistants are set to get even smarter

Will robots actually take your job?

Robots taking job from humans

Should we ready ourselves for a world where algorithms replace instincts and there are more robots than workers?

Will automation create better new jobs?

Asian textile factory

As more jobs are automated and done by machines or robots, new and often better paid roles can be created for those willing to reskill

Software ‘robots’ cut outsourcing costs and boost profit


Robotic process automation is already transforming aspects of outsourcing, enhancing efficiency, cutting labour costs and boosting profits, while freeing workers from boring, repetitive tasks

The impact of automating market research

Automating market research can get things done faster and cheaper, but care must be taken to safeguard quality when designing the necessary software

C-suite guide to automation

Robotic process automation is the new black. Practically every major organisation is on the automation journey already or has plans to be – and for good reason

Are robots a threat to the outsourcing industry?

Robots are threatening to undercut the outsourcing sector as almost everything that can be outsourced could be automated