Cobalt: the dark side of a clean future

An estimated 35,000 children work in perilous conditions to extract cobalt from the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what will the impact be on these exploited workers from rapid advances in electric cars, which are heavily reliant on this conflict mineral?

Why Africa remains an untapped market for femtech

High birth rates, rising populations and stigmas around infertility are holding back awareness around fertility in many parts of Africa. But a handful of companies are doing their bit to empower more women to take charge of their reproductive health

Challenges in banking the unbanked

Potential social and economic benefits of financial inclusion in developing countries are huge, yet many obstacles remain on the path to a fully banked world

Time to halt worldwide spread of diabetes

Diabetes is a growing global problem with some regions struggling to diagnose and treat the disease, let alone prevent it with a co-ordinated international strategy

Maritime agreements spark trouble in Horn of Africa

With its developing ports, the Horn of Africa is an area of significant commercial and military strategic importance where investments carry an increasing risk

Africa: a new frontier for Islamic banking

The continent where Islamic banking was launched holds great potential which is now beginning to be realised

Africa: Lack of infrastructure leaves millions in poverty despite potential

Installation of a hydroelectric plant gave the Congolese town of Bugara electricity for the first time in 2016

Despite Africa’s huge potential, there is a lack of expertise and investment in infrastructure, leaving millions languishing in poverty

Solutions to help cure Africa’s ills

Old and new hospital room split image

Provision of cancer treatment in parts of the developing world ranges from patchy to non-existent, but there are rays of hope providing shining examples for others to follow