Transformation Science: Data-driven revolution in business change planning

The continuous cycle of evolution and improvement is now just business as usual. However, studies show that an average of only 25 per cent of business transformation programmes are considered successful.

So how do you ensure that your organisation change is successful?

While creating the right strategic vision is critical, executing the strategy remains one of the most challenging aspects of business planning and transformation. Many follow traditional consulting routes, and find that delivery can be slow, expensive, risky and does little to develop lasting organisational change capability.

New way to execute strategy

With many years of transformation experience with household-named brands, pioneers Shapecast are redefining business planning and transformation through a new approach called Transformation Science™.

Transformation Science™ is a holistic data-driven approach to change, which combines a unique analytics modelling engine with a supporting structured methodology to capture and analyse data.  This approach is used to help understand the complexity of the current organisation, model future scenarios and analyse detailed changes required in real terms, including costs and resources.

In contrast to traditional methods, this provides incredible speed and accuracy that allows multiple scenarios to be rapidly tested and refined.

When asked about the data-driven approach and its performance, Shapecast founder Will Barnett says: “As a good example of the power of Transformation Science as compared to traditional consulting methods, in 2014 we used our services methodology to analyse performance problems of a tier-1 retailer that was struggling to transform a complex area of their organisation.

“We collected, analysed and integrated more than 20,000 data points across the organisation, including its systems, operations and objectives, in less than eight weeks. We then used this to create a new business model with supporting systems change plans.

“Since this success, we have developed a powerful analytics platform to replicate the way our people-based modelling worked previously. The combination of discovery tooling and a structured data-capture process yields incredibly detailed and rich insights.

“In terms of the relative performance of our combined tooling and methodology, we are currently executing an almost identical project for a current client. Our new automated approach can now analyse ten times the volume of data in less time than we were previously able to and drive deeper insights than before.

“We initially built our analytics platform only to support our service engagements, but we have now developed complete cloud-based products that our customers can use directly.

We firmly believe this approach is the future of leading-edge planning, which will become business as usual for many organisations

“The first is an exciting strategy execution solution, which enables leadership teams to develop, track and monitor complete strategic change plans from their objectives through to every aspect of delivery, and supports both groups or individual organisations.

“Given this tool helps all aspects of strategic execution planning activities, we quickly realised its importance for organisations both going through change and in steady state. We firmly believe this approach is the future of leading-edge planning, which will become business as usual for many organisations.

“Our second analytics product allows organisations to perform analysis of migrating their existing on-premise infrastructure to leading cloud providers. Our automated discovery tools capture current IT systems and then model the cost and performance of equivalent services across leading cloud providers. It generates complete cloud bills of materials, changes required, staff required, and pre and post-migration cost models.

“Following successful implementation and feedback from customers, we have no doubt that this data-driven approach is the future of business change. It takes the guesswork out of business planning and transformations. Furthermore, it puts executive leaders back in control and enables them to make informed decisions rapidly.

“We are extremely excited about how our customers will use these tools to help them change and transform their capability in new ways.”

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