Top 10 communication and collaboration tools

collaboration tools

Apps and other software tools can enable improved communication and collaboration within the workplace – here’s a guide to ten of the best

3 ways managers can support employees during COVID-19

Although business leaders are best placed to provide direction and clarity during the coronavirus outbreak, line managers can offer more specific support for employees who are struggling

5 ways leaders can help employees during COVID-19

As the working world adapts to a new normal, caring for employee mental health should be top of business leaders’ priorities

Caring for employee mental health: a coronavirus guide

It has sent shockwaves through industry and economy alike, but its real impact has been on people. So how should business leaders be looking after employees during the coronavirus outbreak? And how can they prioritise their mental health and wellbeing?

Leaders’ top tips for managing talent

Managing talent

Four senior leaders and HR experts from different industries give their advice on how to overcome the challenges of people management in their sector

Can blockchain create a sustainable supply chain?

Sustainable supply chain

Can a supply chain ever be truly sustainable? With evermore complex supplier networks, it is almost impossible for producers to guarantee their products are 100 per cent responsible. So, could blockchain be the answer?

What is job burnout and how can you deal with it?

Are you experiencing job burnout? Find a list of signs and symptoms here, as well as tips on how to handle it

Mary Portas: retail is entering a brand-new era

Mary Portas

Renowned retail consultant and founder of Portas agency, Mary Portas describes the death of old-school consumer culture and tells why ‘The Kindness Economy’ will define the future of the high street