Moving the dial from illness to wellness worldwide…

Most of us are more health conscious than ever and increasingly look for a true healthcare partner, offering an holistic solution to our needs. That move from illness to wellness has been embraced by Bupa Global and its customers.

“For many, wellness is a daily, active pursuit, which incorporates mental and physical as well as emotional health,” says Dr Søren Carstens, head of clinical operations at Bupa Global. “It means not only living longer, but thriving too.

“These days, our customers are using their health plans to take control of their wellbeing through a rich spectrum of benefits, whether that’s GP appointments, advice and assessments, regular dental check-ups or even acupuncture. They are no longer just using their plans for when they’re unwell, but for maintaining their health. Of course, if they do fall ill, Bupa Global will be with them every step of the way, providing access to premium healthcare where and when they need it.”

Bupa Global truly is an international health insurance company. It has a presence around the world, including in London, Brighton, Miami, Dubai, Copenhagen and Hong Kong. And its customers are able to be assessed and treated almost anywhere in the world, at their convenience, depending on their plan coverage.

“Our customers choose Bupa Global so they can receive treatment when and where they need it,” says Neil Kirby, marketing director at Bupa Global. “They are what we call ‘globally mobile and globally minded’ citizens: people who want premium coverage and access to the healthcare they need anytime, anywhere in the world, whether that’s in the city they live in or when studying, living, travelling or working abroad.

“We’ve had customers fall ill in China who we’ve taken to Singapore to be treated by the world’s best specialists. Others have travelled from Botswana to South Africa for a second medical opinion, or are customers in cities and want access to private GPs or direct access to specialists.

“With the largest global network of direct providers to choose from, you can see how we make this a seamless experience as there is no hassle with payment and claims.”

Indeed, Bupa Global offers this richness of cover worldwide. Customers can take advantage of a wide range of benefits to stay healthy and access an extensive network of advisers, doctors and nurses around the world, which allows the organisation to provide a multilingual, 24-hour telephone service, seven days a week.

Furthermore, Bupa Global acknowledges that the solution to health problems is not always black and white, and therefore it offers customers the opportunity to receive a second opinion on their medical diagnosis from a panel of world-class specialists.

Additionally, customers can access a health check once a year, which is included in their plan. This is a quick-and-easy way for customers to invest in their health, through a personalised examination and quality time with a doctor. Health assessments can be conducted globally, and customers can also access a range of other medical checks and tests.

Prevention is better than cure, is the attitude. Bupa’s annual MOTs analyse each customer’s lifestyle and current health. Depending on your level of cover, in-depth tests are performed to detect potential issues, including heart problems and cancers, and tailored advice and follow-up support is offered to improve overall health and fitness. There is even access to an individual online portal where customers can view their results.

Some 80 per cent of customers change their lifestyle habits following Bupa health assessments and 60 per cent say they are able to deal better with stress.

Dr Carstens adds: “If you had an expensive car, you’d service it every year to keep it running smoothly. We should treat our bodies and minds with the same consideration; when it comes to health, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive.”


For more information about Bupa Global’s range of health plans or to get a quote please visit or telephone 0333 363 4752. If you’re interested in hearing more about Bupa Global for your business, telephone
0333 363 6814. Health assessments can be accessed after ten months as a Bupa Global customer