Mobile legal practice management: better service, better work-life balance

Call it the cloud, call it SaaS, call it web based, we are talking about being able to work from anywhere at any time. Clients expect it, partners expect it and staff expect it. If your firm can only operate from a bricks-and-mortar location, you are falling behind the competition.

Access to information, ease of use, compliance and data security are the main concerns of legal professionals and DPS Software’s innovative Spitfire application ticks these boxes. The system removes the costs and limitations associated with the traditional model, where the software is installed on the firm’s own servers, namely:

  • Costs of maintaining servers
  • Costs and complications of backing up data and updating the software
  • Limitations on the number of computers running the software
  • Limitations on the number of people able to access the software.

A web-based system like Spitfire, offers the following benefits:

  1. Automatic updates Your practice will always be using the best and latest version of the product you bought
  2. Access from numerous devices Be it a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. This also means outsourcing becomes a more accessible option as the user can work from anywhere
  3. Cybersecurity Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, access to your software is expertly controlled. Each user needs a username and password to log in, and will be able to see different information based on their status (fee earner, legal cashier and so on)
  4. The state of your office will not affect the state of your data Fires, floods and other disasters will not compromise the accuracy and integrity of your information
  5. Cloud-based legal software saves time and provides peace of mind Because it is accessible online, the system will allow managing partners to track the financial situation of their firm, the progress of cases and more at any time, even when away from work. Our system offers comprehensive reports that can be viewed per branch or per system as a whole and can be scheduled to be delivered periodically or downloaded on demand.

Everyone engages with their service providers online, be it banking, shopping, entertainment, even healthcare. Consumers expect to have access to you 24/7. By using DPS web-based software you can allow clients access to their documentation, case history and messages whenever they like, with levels of access controlled entirely by you. This saves time scheduling unnecessary calls and meetings with clients.

Firms that embrace change and are striving to find new solutions for their challenges are the ones shaping the future of the legal market. Technology is an enabler for change – the platform that enables firms to be different… Osman Ismail, DPS managing director

Saving time is one of the most popular aspects of DPS Spitfire. Our users save numerous hours every month which can be spent on completing more billable work, marketing the business, training and development, getting home earlier or enjoying some time off.