How to leverage data from intelligent assets

Now, imagine having online access to key data about all your critical electrical distribution system assets in one unique dashboard. Data that is available everywhere and at any time. Imagine having the intellectual knowledge of an equipment manufacturer and a service provider in the form of a dedicated service adviser. Imagine having the valuable insights to transform data into action. Imagine a service that provides you with continuous monitoring of your assets, provides you with actionable work orders, and reports with prioritised recommendations, consistent and standardised across multiple sites.

This winning combination meets our strategic customer’s demands in asset performance management by combining our best-of-breed technological platform, based on internet of things architecture applied to maintenance domain and sophisticated analytics, with proven Schneider Electric expertise in electrical equipment.

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Asset Advisor delivers an end-to-end service, while leveraging data from intelligent assets along with existing maintenance and/or control systems, to monitor the performance of electrical equipment. Leveraging asset specific algorithms, computations, rules, measurements, machine-learning and the strategic application of predictive technologies, we can monitor the health of your electrical assets. A team of highly skill advisers will manage and monitor your facility to provide early notification when an asset begins to deteriorate, prior to catastrophic failure.


Reduction of unscheduled downtime Our highly skilled service advisers will have the responsibility of being your front line of defence. They will analyse, validate and deliver early indication of asset failure to provide a more proactive approach to managing your assets.
Predictive maintenance Predictive maintenance to be performed as issues arise. Our experts will provide a detailed report with next steps and timeline to complete.
Condition-based maintenance As we build a better understanding on how your assets are utilised, we will provide you with a recommendation of “right sizing” your maintenance schedules. Recommendations will be based on utilisation, environment, loading and age of the equipment.
Prioritising capital expenditure Based on actual asset condition, recommendations can be made to identify assets reaching end of life and provide insight into making business decisions for planned replacement or modernisation.
Optimising operational expenditure By having a continuous asset performance monitoring system, you will be able to optimise resources on other areas of the facility.
Securing human capital The loss of human capital, through retirement or attrition, increases the risk to a facility. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor provides access to the intellectual knowledge and expertise of Schneider Electric to help manage your electrical assets and minimise overall risk.
Safety We will bring awareness of potential hazardous conditions to on-site support staff; conditions such as overloading, end of life and so on.


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