Fast and flexible wins: slashing time-to-hire with HR tech

Fountain’s forward-thinking, high-volume hiring solution allows TA teams to hire the best people, faster

The worker shortage is palpable, knows no geographical bounds and is poised to persist through the end of the year.

Outpacing the competition requires speed, agility and a candidate-friendly process that keeps the right talent involved and engaged. The more you’re able to tailor an application to your ideal candidate and the easier you can make the process—from application to onboarding—the more attractive you are to the current pool of picky jobseekers who, if unsatisfied, can apply to another job in just a few swipes.

Technology is the clear frontrunner among must-have assets in the race for talent. However, while technology translates to speed, it is often perceived to come at the cost of human interaction. The reluctance surrounding technology is enough to deter some talent-acquisition (TA) teams from making the leap and, therefore, will be detrimental to their company’s growth.

But the teams that do adopt a comprehensive and powerful applicant-tracking system (ATS) will be able to source, qualify, and extend offers in just a few days, or even hours.

Here’s a look at how automation, agility, and an engaging candidate experience can result in securing top talent fast.

In the race to scoop up talent, TA teams need to be persistent and proactive, which isn’t always realistic when managing multiple levers of a hiring machine. Enter automation, a hiring manager’s best friend when it comes to keeping prospective hires interested, engaged and keen to continue forward on the applicant journey.

Applying automation to certain steps–like text messages, emails and applicant routing–are just a few features offered by Fountain, a leading ATS that has helped organisations around the world hire at scale and substantially reduce time-to-hire.

We’ve had people apply, have their interview, receive their contract and have their first shift all in the same day

Fountain combines multiple stages of the hiring process to streamline recruitment, including screening, interviewing and extending an offer. Upon applying, applicants receive a message instantly that informs them of the next steps. From their phones, applicants also can upload identification, certifications and answer knockout questions, which can help deliver the most qualified candidates directly to recruiters.

The flexibility of a solution like Fountain means recruiters can configure a customised hiring funnel that can be adjusted to meet their real-time hiring needs with just a few clicks.

Hiring managers can activate the aforementioned knockout questions or specific routing rules to move the right applicants to the front of the line and deliver only qualified and vetted candidates to the final stages.

Organisations around the world, like Cera Care and Flink, already have seen major hiring successes by leveraging Fountain as an all-encompassing, high-volume recruitment tool.

“Fountain is not just a recruitment system–it’s also a really smart workflow tool,” says Peter Heatherington, a recruitment and workforce planning expert who was tasked with implementing a new ATS at Cera Care, a digital healthcare company based in the UK. With Fountain, Cera Care built their own workflows and replicated them for different roles. This creativity made way for efficiency, attracting workers to a simpler process that could be completed in as little as three minutes.

“We’ve had people apply, have their interview, receive their contract and have their first shift all in the same day,” says Tonalli Arreola, head of expansion and rider operations at Flink, a Germany-based grocery delivery company. By taking advantage of Fountain’s automation capabilities and easy candidate communication, Flink saw their median time-to-hire drop while applicant conversion rates increased substantially.

Job seekers are inundated with opportunities. To capture the interest of the best applicants, recruiters need to make their hiring process fast, flexible and capable of managing a large volume of candidates. In today’s digital world, recruiters can either adapt and lean into the power of technology to find, qualify and hire workers, or risk falling behind in the race for the world’s top talent.

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