Celebrating 350 years of dedicated service

Merck is celebrating its 350th anniversary this year. Founded in 1668, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemicals business has evolved into a science and technology company in healthcare, life sciences and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees work to further develop technologies that help create, improve and enhance life, from biopharmaceutical therapies to cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production.

Since the 1950s, Merck has provided healthcare professionals and patients with innovative fertility treatment options, devices and advanced fertility laboratory technologies.

Assisted reproduction technologies (ART) have made tremendous progress since the birth of the first IVF baby Louise Brown 40 years ago, and now provide options that were previously unavailable to women and couples experiencing fertility problems. Nevertheless, infertility remains not only an area of high clinical need, but is also a psychosocial issue, which needs to be addressed through a patient-centric approach. Merck is committed to addressing these needs through investment in innovation, research and
patient support.

Business unit director Phil Krzyzek says: “At Merck we are very proud of our long heritage in fertility treatment, primarily focusing on drug development to support the patient across key stages of fertility treatment. While the success rate of IVF has improved significantly over time, there are still phases of both the clinical and emotional journey that could be further improved.

“As a science and technology company, we are now applying our broader capabilities to provide fertility solutions beyond drug treatment to help drive success rates even further. We are investing in technologies, which are utilised within the IVF laboratory, as well as developing services to support clinics and patients throughout the whole IVF journey.”

Merck’s innovations are driven by a focus on areas that make the most relevant difference to patients, aiming to improve the treatment experience and success rates. In addition, Merck is actively exploring the use of novel services that may help make the treatment journey psychologically easier for the patient, and help improve communication channels between the patient and the fertility clinic.

This foundation and commitment to pioneering ideas makes Merck an expert in the field of fertility, offering a broad portfolio of fertility options at every stage of the reproductive cycle. By establishing Fertility Technologies and partnering with other experts, Merck has grown from a drugs company into a holistic fertility provider, to help women and couples fulfil their dreams of parenthood.

Working with both the NHS and private sector, Merck Fertility strives to leverage the science behind the company’s heritage, supporting clinics in their patient management decisions. The company recognises the importance of continuing to support the improvement of success rates in ART by investing in research and education in innovative technologies as research and development plays a critical role in increasing treatment success rates.

Merck has a strong commitment to training and medical education, which is designed to support fertility specialists, specialist nurses and laboratory technicians with their continuing medical education. Educational events are held at various locations throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, and are well supported by healthcare professionals.

Mr Krzyzek concludes: “The innovation process requires that we leverage capabilities right across our own organisation, but also work in partnership with others. We believe that by working in partnership with other organisations, which share our strong commitment to innovation, quality and excellence, we can achieve the best outcomes for those hoping to have a family.”

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