Be smart and raise the alarm

A smart home-security system, installed and monitored by experts, gives protection and peace of mind

Protecting our homes from intruders is one of the most primal instincts of human beings. Yet with more than a million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year in the UK, some of the traditional options continue to fail as a deterrent, despite the investment and good intentions.

Perhaps it’s little surprise. Relying on just a basic alarm that rings out to an empty house can simply result in the kind of white noise no one really hears, let alone responds to. Furthermore, the disposable nature of solutions designed for low-power consumption with limited connectivity routinely fall short of incorporating the more robust security measures such as encryption.

Attention is turning to the internet of things-enabled digital tools that integrate and interact to provide visibility and insight into what is happening when a property is targeted, and feed this real-time contextual information back to a professional monitoring resource.

It’s an approach exemplified by the monitored alarms at the heart of the new breed of smart wireless security systems. Combining a potent mix of motion-activated IP cameras and sensors, which respond more intuitively to situation changes as they occur, these also present a savvy option for broader surveillance from smoke detection to even child monitoring.

It explains why, despite the popular narrative still dominated by digital assistants such as Alexa and Cortana, it’s security that is set to propel the smart-home market forward. No longer synonymous with nice-to-have James Bond-style gadgets and gismos, smart tech is going mainstream with increased interest in home security and heating control expected to lead investment elsewhere in the home, according to research by OnePoll.

Police recorded crime graphEnthusiasm is particularly evident among women, with figures from Smart Home Week revealing that 68 per cent expect to see a smart security solution installed in the home. In showing a strong preference for professional installation, they also recognise the subsequent benefits of speed and convenience, and taking a bespoke approach to the process to determine the very best location for the solution.

Having already cemented its place as the UK’s first choice for new sales in security alarms and Europe’s largest alarm company, Verisure is one such offering driving the enthusiasm. At the heart of its approach is a recognition that behind the statistics, burglary and its impact has a very human story. As such, their security proposition marries technological innovation with the human touch.

When the alarm system is triggered by the motion of intruders, an alert and photos (flash capabilities enable these to be taken in the dark) are transmitted to the absent homeowner’s mobile and to an alarm centre staffed around the clock. Primed for an actionable response, in around 45 seconds, the emergency services or security guards can be contacted by staff if necessary to come to your home, and provide that physical presence and reassurance.

Notably, security is the business’s sole focus which means that all expertise, development and investment is channelled solely into this area, rather than spread across a broader package of smart-home offerings, an all too common approach within the market, which can dilute the quality of the offering.

As a result, Verisure takes responsibility for every link in the value chain from innovating the technology at the research and development labs, fine-tuning product development, overseeing design and the sale process, to delivering the installation and the 24/7 professional monitoring solution.

Verisure provides an actionable response in around 60 seconds

This holistic approach has been refined over a 25-year heritage to result in the current iteration which combines 3G connection, app integration, shock detection, perimeter protection, IP cameras, and an alarm containing movement detectors and shock sensors to detect hammer blows and vibrations, as well as the opening and closing of doors and windows.

Furthermore, the mobile, on-the-go convenience expected by today’s digitally savvy consumer is catered for with all core capabilities able to be controlled via an app from your phone or tablet to provide full visibility and peace of mind whether over an empty house or home occupied by loved ones.

Some 2.3 million customers are already protecting their homes and business this way – and sleeping easier by taking a smart approach to security.

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