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Private jets for corporate travel

Most of the private jet cards on the market offer the same kind of deals, based on two fundamental principles—access to a limited number of aircraft and a limited number of destinations. More often than not, should you wish to fly for longer, surplus charges will be incurred, and the same applies if you want to visit locations that are not predetermined as part of the card deal.

The new Lindbergh Card, a private jet card brought to you by ACS (Air Charter Service), brings a new take on the traditional private jet card by eliminating the costs associated with investing in the actual purchase and ownership of private jets or hourly rate cards. This innovative new product developed by ACS speaks to the renewed pace of growth and development in the business aviation market, arriving in time to tempt business travellers who have, to date, been offered more limited services and options or have been making do with business class on commercial airlines.

Chris Leach, founder of Air Charter Service, says:

“The Lindbergh Card offers planet-wide access to any type of aircraft, from a helicopter or a very light jet, to a large luxury private jet or even an airliner for larger groups. It’s better than owning your own private jet! Our aim was to create a product that offered total travel freedom, and in the Lindbergh card we have done so.”

Erik Lindbergh

Erik Lindbergh, pioneering aviator and inspiration behind The Lindbergh Card

Flying commercial versus private

Ask any producer of high end goods and they’ll tell you that their average customer is willing to invest in the right kind of experience, no matter the cost. The debate around the benefits of flying privately versus flying commercially has been ongoing, but one of the key factors that’s often overlooked is the fact that when you’re flying privately you’re paying for the whole plane, not just a seat. Let’s delve deeper into the points of differentiation:

Private jet user profile: 

  • Often travel on short notice
  • Required to travel to remote areas where adequate commercial airline service is lacking
  • Business interests are located far from major airports
  • Would like more family/business time on trips
  • Need to work uninterrupted during flight time

Business class vs private jets—some factors to consider:

Convenience and Flexibility: These are two of the biggest benefits made possible through private aviation travel. For anyone often required to go on business trips, it provides the opportunity to see more people (more business partners, branch managers and potential investors) in a shorter space of time. It would be very difficult to put a price tag on providing an important client with the ‘face time’ that they deserve.

Reduced Time: Time is money and one of the key benefits of flying privately is the time saved using airfields which are often in closer proximity to your final destination. Secondly, the time on the ground is also reduced with less time spent running through airports, queuing up for security checks, etc.

Privacy/Comfort: If you want to be productive and make any progress with your workload during your flight, it goes without saying that elements of comfort and, in some cases, privacy, will be necessary. Even if you’re not working, you’ll definitely appreciate the privacy and comfort that comes with private jet travel.

Why private jets for business?

A recent feature in The New York Times outlined exactly where the value lies in increasing investment in business travel, in as far as opting for private jet charters as opposed to commercial airliners. It all comes down to the opportunity to increase value by spending your time with current and future investors instead of losing that opportunity by spending your time navigating commercial air travel.

Private aviation is becoming more accessible, especially due to the range of products available on the market. If you have a team and you’re travelling together locally, the opportunity exists to charter a jet altogether and prepare for your business meeting onboard—which will make your air travel all the more productive.

A good starting point may be to invest in the Lindbergh Card. Once you have an account, one email will be all it takes to be flown to your destination of choice, be it for business or pleasure. Also, as your money is placed in a trust account, it can be fully refunded at any time without incurring any additional costs. The truly remarkable thing about the Lindbergh Card is that, as a product, it’s transparent in what it provides—you get exactly what is offered and the user experience is effortless. Air Charter Service aspires towards consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations by offering the best charter market rate possible—something which Lindbergh Card holders will be privy to every time they book. This can be up to 40% cheaper than other jet cards. The Lindbergh Card’s pricing is not based on hourly rates, but pricing is usually worked out according to the aircraft type, routing and airports. Regardless the breakdown of costs—the Lindbergh Card almost always works out cheaper.

Air Charter Service views their Lindbergh Card as the luxury Oyster Card of air travel. All you need to do is top up, send an email to confirm your travel arrangements, then get ready and go—your private jet awaits. For more information about how you can set up your jet card, visit