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Long arm of international law

The BARBRI International preparatory law course works and has become the number-one most internationally trusted. Our formula is we meet students first for free consultations. Having assessed a candidates motivation, suitability and eligibility to sit the exam, we then combine cutting-edge BARBRI AMP technology with specific bar exam experience and expertise to teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the bar exam – first time.

BARBRI is widely regarded as the de facto choice of American law graduates, and through BARBRI International has become the premier service for preparing non-US common law and civil law graduates and practitioners. Our success is based on our extensive history in bar exam preparation – more than 15 years for international candidates – and superior word-of-mouth reputation driven by positive outcomes for our candidates. We support candidates across the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa (EMEA), with a variety of products designed to best suit bar preparation needs and legal practice knowledge and skills.


International legal services are evolving for 21st-century commerce where national borders are becoming less relevant to international transactions. Indeed, the globalisation of the world economy now often demands that lawyers possess international experience or credentials, not merely lawyers who are locally educated, locally qualified and locally experienced.

Qualifying and/or dual qualifying as a US attorney (in New York or California) now often provides the passport into international legal services. For the law graduate and/or individuals already professionally qualified in the legal profession, the qualification of Attorney-at-Law will undoubtedly make you more marketable within a competitive profession and greatly enhance your employment opportunities at home and abroad. For more senior practitioners, understanding US law can improve the quality of your local legal advice.

There clearly now is a steadily increasing demand among non-US law firms in European centres for dual civil law/common law qualified lawyers and, in particular, for lawyers who are professionally qualified as American lawyers. This demand is driven by the increasing dominance of the English language as the principal medium for the conduct of international commerce and the prominence of the common law in such international transactions, particularly the US Uniform Commercial Code, and California and New York state law.


Our US attorney alumni are increasingly working as lawyers in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Frankfurt, The Hague, Madrid and other European regional centres – and BARBRI International knows how our alumni reach such prospective employers.

The globalisation of the world economy now often demands that lawyers possess international experience or credentials

Our alumni are also working in Great Britain and Ireland, the United States, Brazil, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Lebanon, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.

In addition to work within law firms servicing international commerce, there are opportunities for those who qualify as US attorneys to work as in-house counsel in international corporations or outside mainstream legal practice. These areas include management consultancy, international capital markets, international insurance and assurance, international trade divisions of large accountancy firms, international oil and gas, and others.


BARBRI International offers a suite of training programmes for those in the private and public sectors who work in various disciplines combatting financial crime, including internal and external fraud, money laundering, domestic and foreign corruption, due diligence and asset recovery.

Our training, which can lead to certification through independent testing, has increased our institutional clients’ competency in countering financial crime across the spectrum, including anti-money laundering, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and anti-corruption legislation.

BARBRI International can tailor programmes for your training requirements. For example, we have designed successful capital markets training for a leading UK-based company, delivered on-site over two days.

Our next programmes commence in October and we are currently taking enrolments. Contact us for a free consultation.

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