Welcome to the new-look Raconteur

Raconteur is relaunching today with a new website, logo and strapline as we reimagine our brand for the modern business leader
Raconteur relaunch illustration

Today is a big day for Raconteur. 

Some of the changes are immediately obvious. We have a new website that better showcases our first-class journalism and our design aesthetic, and will make it easier for our readers to find and share the stories of interest to them. We’ve rethought our brand with a redesigned and bolder logo, and a new strapline and brand purpose that clearly states our place in the media world. And we are launching our first ever brand marketing campaign: ‘Hey Imposter’.

But the transformation is more than skin deep. Raconteur has changed a lot over the past few years, transitioning from a publisher of print reports to a media company focused on providing journalism that inspires and informs on new ways of doing business and new approaches to leadership. 

We have a growing team of hugely talented in-house writers and editors focused on exploring how the business world is changing and what it means for leaders. And a first-class design team working to create standout data visualisation and illustrations.

Raconteur journalism remains what it always has been: bold, challenging, intelligent and progressive. And we are doubling down on our commitment to uncovering what the future holds for the business world, analysing what it means, and offering practical advice and inspiration on how to navigate it. 

We would also love to hear from you: our readers. We welcome feedback on the changes we’ve made or any queries you might have. And we would value insight into the challenges and opportunities you are facing and, therefore, the topics we should be covering. Please do get in touch at feedback@raconteur.net.

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