Top tech tools for remote working

The number of UK workers who have moved into remote working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade, according to data from the Office for National Statistics. Technology can often help companies keep pace with the shift towards flexitime. Here are the top tools and software products that facilitate remote working.

Video calling

Not being physically present in the same building does not mean meetings have to stop. Companies that offer remote working have a host of options when it comes to video calling and teleconferencing facilities.

Wireless networking

Data and IT security should remain a top priority for companies that allow their employees to work off site. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a must for businesses that grant remote access to workers.

Group chat

For companies with lots of remote workers, email just doesn’t cut it when it comes to real-time communication. Group chat applications enable teams to message each other more efficiently. Features such as different channels and integration with other applications offer a richer experience than a traditional email client.

Project management

Collaborative project management software is essential for any team that operates across different regions or locations. Cloud-based programmes allow teams to monitor and update project milestones, set deadlines and manage workflow from anywhere.

Time tracking

For employees who work a set number of hours over a flexible schedule, the ability to track and record hours is vital. Time-tracking applications also often integrate well with existing project management tools.

Employee engagement

Fostering a company culture when employees work in different locations is challenging but not impossible. Recognition platforms help companies engage their employees through a rewards programme.