The new alternative to aerosols

Concerns among consumers about the damaging effects of conventional aerosol packaging on the planet are well known, and for many years manufacturers and the aerosol industry have been looking for alternatives.

Products that not only have an improved environmental impact, but also offer the consumer a better experience than the existing options, provide manufacturers with a win-win. This is one reason why an increasing number of companies, including Gillette, Elizabeth Arden and Method, are choosing the technology developed by the fast-growing packaging manufacturer called Airopack.

Other Airopack clients include DECIEM, a skincare company whose Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist has won the Best Body Hydrator award from Cosmopolitan UK as part of the Cosmopolitan BeautyLab Awards 2015.

Products that not only have an improved environmental impact, but also offer the consumer a better experience than the existing options, provide manufacturers with a win-win

As the name suggests, Airopack’s dispensers are powered by air. It’s as simple as that.  They’re made of plastic instead of metal, which also reduces their environmental impact. According to Climatop, the internationally recognised label for climate-friendly product alternatives, compared to conventional aerosol dispensers (aluminium can with bag-on-valve), Airopack’s packaging solution has a 26 per cent lower carbon footprint and a total environmental footprint that is nearly a third (32 per cent) less.

As is so often the case with the best innovations, Airopack’s technology is simple, but very effective. As you press the nozzle, Airopack’s pressurised air technology gives you a continuous even spray right down to the last drop. Even for creams and thick gels, Airopack will dispense consistently from start to finish.

“Many consumers are unaware that up around 40 per cent of an aerosol package they’ve bought contains propellants and not the actual product itself,” says Erwin Boes, Airopack’s commercial technology director. “Consumers like the fact that with our technology they’re just buying the product – and they literally see this because our system is transparent.”

Another advantage for both manufactures and consumers is that Airopack’s air-powered system is airtight. “This allows for formulations to be more pure and effective with Airopack. It is also ideal for products that have a reaction to oxygen,” explains Earl L. Trout, vice president global sales and marketing for Airopack. “With our technology, products stay fresh and they may not need any preservatives. People are increasingly looking for more natural products, and Airopack makes that easy and possible.”

Consumers also appreciate the way that Airopack’s patented system delivers a strong, consistent flow of product when they use it at any angle. “Airopack is especially good when people are applying body sprays and sun block, among others,” explains Mr Boes. “Even when used upside-down, Airopack will work the same way and empty the package.”

Airopack officially launched in 2012 – a fact that makes its take-up by some of the world’s largest and best-known beauty, skincare and homecare manufacturers all the more impressive. “Our success is due to our innovative Airopack dispenser, our growing global presence and a team of experienced packaging leaders,” says Quint Kelders, chief executive and founder. “Across Airopack, we are focused on delivering solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs.”

Based in the Netherlands, Airopack employs about 75 people and has sales mainly in the UK, Europe and the US, although it is attracting growing interest further afield. It also has a strong heritage of technology and innovation. Mr Kelders has been a key packaging innovator and entrepreneur since 1986.

To support the market better, Airopack has also established Airopack Labs for complete formulation development, Airopack Full Service to deliver turnkey finished products for brands, and Airopack’s Authorised Filler Network to provide localised support in the United States, Europe and Brazil.

With a technology that is good for the environment and good for consumers, Airopack is set to change the way millions of us use personal and household products – and to change it for the better.



When it comes to prepping hair for a haircut, FUEL Cutting Mist is more reliable than water which might contain hard mineral deposits and interfere with the cutting process.

Airopak_image_casestudyThanks to FUEL’s partnership with Airopack, their Cutting Mist eco-friendly packaging allows for a continuous 360-degree spray that alleviates repetitive pumping of water-filled spray bottles hairdressers generally use. The result is less stress on hands and wrists, and no chemical propellants in the salon.

The two-toned transparent packaging immediately notifies the user that this is no ordinary aerosol spray. Powered by air instead of the chemical propellants of typical aerosols, Airopack’s clear packaging delivers a continuous mist application, while allowing the user to see exactly how much product is left in the bottle.

“At FUEL, we partner with companies that share our vision of improving and enhancing the day-to-day experiences of countless stylists who are behind the chair every day,” says Richard Strom, co-founder and vice president of marketing. “Airopack’s innovative packaging and formulation expertise are perfect combinations to support our ‘styling made simple’ approach.”