Top 5 tips to increase customer loyalty

1. Empower employees

Empower employees

In a digital world staff are the essential human face of your company, in-store, in customer services or delivering goods. “There’s a direct correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction,” says Adam Goran of Grass Roots Group. “In order to maximise their potential it’s essential the workforce is completely aligned with the organisation’s brand values.”

2. Create consistency

Create consistency

Customers expect a consistently good experience, however they shop. “If a retailer’s digital business process fails, whether that’s a back-end application or a customer-facing mobile app, it costs them dearly,” says Michael Allen, solutions vice president at performance management software company Dynatrace. Poor stock control can mean lost customers, however whizzy your new website.

3. Make it easy to pay

Make it easy to pay

Ease of payment is especially important online. “If online stores don’t provide a nearly-invisible payments experience, consumers are likely to go elsewhere,” says Dan Salmons, managing director of payment service provider PayPoint. That can mean ensuring payment screens resize on different devices or allowing customers to store card details securely on-site.

4. Make it personal

Make it personal

Collect customer data and use it to offer a more personalised experience, starting with loyalty schemes. “Sending generic offers for products that customers have never bought can have a damaging effect upon the output of a loyalty programme and the customers’ perception of the brand,” says Mr Goran. Make offers personal and relevant.

5. Be social media savvy

Be social media savvy

“Customers want to be excited and enticed by offers and promotions, and frequently turn to social media to see what’s new or happening in-store at any given time,” says Sarah Hooper, a director at digital marketers Amaze One. Make social media fun and lively, and stay up to date. Are younger customers forsaking Facebook for Snapchat?