Lure of the all-American white smile

American teeth whiting

Regulation of teeth whitening is relaxed in the United States where a bright, white smile is a must-have

Learning to spot the signs of a heart attack

Prompt diagnosis of a heart attack and other cardiac conditions can radically improve the patient’s chances of survival and limit serious damage, but symptoms can be hard to spot

Why getting your child’s eyes tested is so crucial


Early diagnosis of eye conditions is essential to treat them successfully and avoid permanent damage, yet few children have an eye test

Call to join forces in cancer fight

Call to join force in cancer fight

Scientists, researchers and clinicians are being urged to put aside fierce competition and protectionism to join forces in the fight against cancer

On brink of major cancer breakthrough?

On brink of major cancer breakthrough

Such is the challenge posed by the threat of cancer to take away life, few could claim victory, but outcomes have improved dramatically and a milestone breakthrough may be within reach

Counting the cost of MS

As well as the personal cost of multiple sclerosis, sufferers may experience discrimination in the workplace resulting in early retirement, as Victoria Fletcher discovers

Saving lives saves NHS money

Treatment to reduce the number of people suffering a stroke can help the NHS balance the books, writes Victoria Fletcher