Resolving digital tensions in the boardroom

Boardroom table

Committing to change isn’t the same as committing to the consequences and digital transformation can yield many

Tackling legacy systems

Professional looking at brainstorming pinboard

Tackling legacy systems and managing the influence of dissenting voices to transformation requires a proactive, but measured, approach to stakeholder communication

The continuous challenges publishers face

Times Square, New York

With a world of content at our fingertips, is there really a future where people continue to pay for it?

Why consumers are now dependent on digital

Lady in bed on a tablet

Few contend the ubiquitous nature of digital, but do businesses truly understand the scale of its influence on consumer behaviour?

What businesses can learn from Trump

Trump campaign rally

With Western politics left reeling from its second major disruption of 2016, it’s time to consider what these signals of change mean for businesses

The digitally disrupted workplace

Future of Work 2016 cover illustration

The fourth industrial revolution is creating prospects of a future that few fully comprehend, but the implications for the world of work are already taking shape

Will robots actually take your job?

Robots taking job from humans

Should we ready ourselves for a world where algorithms replace instincts and there are more robots than workers?

Skills of a startup CEO

Startup culture

Growing a startup business can offer compelling rewards, but the journey will involve leadership challenges which shouldn’t be underestimated