Rise of the cloud natives

Cloud natives

A new wave of cloud-first startups are coming into their own, and reaping the considerable benefits of being able to adapt and scale at speed, free from the constraints of on-premises infrastructure

How the cloud helps SMEs gain public sector clout

Public sector cloud

In the past, contracts for important public sector projects were awarded only to big, established firms. Now cloud computing is democratising the system, paving the way for nimble, specialised smaller companies

Rethinking your continuity tech stack

Ensuring your business has the most suitable collection of software solutions and apps is vital for maintaining business continuity

Why cloud is more vital than ever

Cloud is vital

Cloud computing has enabled companies to continue operating seamlessly throughout an unprecedented crisis that could have easily brought business processes and productivity to a halt

Charting the rise of the property CTO

CTO in proptech

The property sector has long been behind the curve with technology. Now a new wave of chief technology officers has been tasked with getting it up to speed, but this will only work if they have a seat at the top table

C-suite buy-in: automation isn’t an automatic success

C-suites agree that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the future for businesses, but implementing it is rarely straightforward

What does the future data scientist look like?

As the need for specialised expertise increases in the role of extracting knowledge and insights from data, have we seen the end of the generalist data scientist?

Edge computing: what it is and why you need it

Edge computing looks set to transform organisations across the public and private sectors