Electric vehicles power ahead, despite the bumps in the road

Electric car power station illustration

Electric cars have no exhaust fumes – but they still have very real costs to the environment. Moreover, perhaps the greatest challenge to accelerating electric vehicle adoption is the limited availability of public chargers

Could battery technology energise power storage?

Operations at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Potosi, Bolivia

Affordable battery technology is key to development of electric vehicles as well as renewable energy generation and storage, but how reliable is the supply of the raw materials used?

How energy will play out in the future

Energy guru Ged Davis

Energy guru Ged Davis has made a career of peering into the future. What does he think the oil and gas industry will look like in 2060?

Decommissioning wave approaches

Of the estimated £500 billion spent by the UK offshore oil and gas industry between 1970 and 2012, just £2 billion was channelled into decommissioning. The clean-up represents an enormous engineering challenge, one that will take decades and cost tens of billions, writes Rohan Boyle

New life into old oil fields

There is still plenty of oil and gas under the oceans and we need to recover it if we are to satisfy rising global energy consumption, writes Rohan Boyle