How to combat organisational change fatigue

organisational change fatigue

Organisational change fatigue can take a toll on employees, creating both a sense of apathy and resignation. Forward-thinking HR leaders are turning towards technology and personalisation to overcome this

The convergence of customer and employee experience

Why a great customer experience is increasingly informing what makes a great employee experience

9 ways to improve the future of employee experience

the hive employee experience future

Engaged employees are happy at work and more productive, so ensuring the best employee experience possible offers huge potential wins

Why is employee engagement important for UK businesses?

employee engagement uk productivity

Research shows a direct link between employee engagement and productivity, but how can UK businesses get the best from their people?

Is HR doing too much?

HR doing too much

As recognition of the importance of human resources grows, is HR taking on too much?

Should HR be responsible for learning and development?

Whether learning and development should reside within human resources or alongside as its own empowered business unit remains a contentious issue

Three high-risk engagement strategies

Engagement initiatives too often try to encapsulate ever-changing trends that promise the earth, as companies boast about progressive ways of working for public relations purposes or “about us” pages. But what happens when the idea doesn’t quite live up to reality? Here are some revealing case studies

Why employers need to tackle the wellness crisis

Caring for workplace wellness is more important than some leaders think, and so is the indirect impact it can have on the bottom line