Outsourcing law gets new look

Originally a cut-price option based on off-shoring back-office functions to lower-paid lawyers or paralegals, legal process outsourcing has evolved from its traditional business model, writes Peter Archer

Lessons from great artists

Cosmetic surgery should be much more than a medical procedure. Arguably it is an art that bestows beauty in the way great artists painted or sculpted beautiful forms, writes Peter Archer

Boom in bust analysis?

Surely, there is no such thing as the “ideal” breast, such are the vagaries of subjectivity, not to mention changing fashion and cultural differences. But a template of the “beautiful” breast must be an asset when endeavouring to change appearance, as Peter Archer reports

How safe is laser surgery?

Laser eye surgery has been around for many years but is still not without its risks; luckily expert advice is available to help you make the right choices, as Peter Archer reports

Recession-hit mums hit back

Perhaps it was Plato who first said: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Certainly there are modern-day mums who, out of necessity, are inventing new businesses to make ends meet and boost the UK economy, as Peter Archer discovers

‘I realised I could create something’

An award-winning campaigner tells Peter Archer how she balances her life as a mum and an entrepreneur

Threat of HIV is on the rise

On World Aids Day, HIV infection acquired in the UK is on the rise and spreading among the wider population, writes Peter Archer

Pathways are step closer to health

At every stage of care, a man diagnosed with prostate cancer should have access to appropriate clinical expertise, writes Peter Archer