Colombia’s secret travel path

Colombia’s Pacific coast harbours an unusual attraction for brave travellers: a gruelling journey on a tugboat from Bahía Solano to Buenaventura

The secret new startup hub

Santiago's Providencia district

Santiago, Chile, has become an unlikely hub for global startups, under a government programme that aims to attract global talent into the country to diversify its economy

Honduras: Free speech in murder city

A Honduran peasant demonstrates outside the Public Ministry against the fatal shooting of a rural leader

2016 saw Honduras catapulted into the headlines after indigenous and land rights activist Berta Cáceres was killed in her home by unknown assassins; hers was just one of many cases of brutality and oppression

Strongman politics persist in the shadow of Operation Condor

A court in Argentina may have convicted former South American dictators for their role in a coordinated assault on freedom of expression, but the continent’s fascination for strongman politics is far from over

Athletes of no nation

From the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow to the glitz of the Rio Olympics, refugee athletes show sport’s power to heal and unite

Colombia’s path to peace

After more than a half century of war, the Colombian government is close to a peace deal with the FARC rebel group, but the challenge of reintegrating former combatants casts a long shadow over the process