How fraud could destabilise global economies

Fraud, like the mythical Hydra of Ancient Greece, is a many-headed foe that is capable of disrupting society in a number of ways

Fertility crisis threatens Japan’s economy

People walking in Japanese city at sunset

Low fertility rates and an ageing population are an unwelcome combination threatening Japan’s economic future

Costa Rica turns fire on plastic waste

Volunteer clearing plastic waste Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica is proud of its green credentials – now it wants to eliminate single-use plastics

Machines and automation could make more workers migrate

Sewing factory south asia

On the march across South-East Asia’s factories, automation is increasing the threat of mass migration of redundant low-skilled workers

How fintech is increasing financial inclusion

M-Pesa, Vodafone’s mobile money service, has been hugely popular in countries such as Kenya, but hasn’t taken off in South Africa where there is a much deeper banking infrastructure

Fintech startups armed with apps are aiming to increase global access to finance for poorer communities in even the remotest locations

Sweden: running from the cash machine

Sweden cashless

In a world where cash may become superfluous, Sweden is closest to a cashless future

Internet learning brings power to the people

Overflowing classrooms are a common problem in some of the most rural areas, where access toeducation remains a challenge

Internet learning is building equality and helping economic advancement in developing nations

Do office spaces differ in developing countries?

Bancolombia’s headquarters in the centre of Medellin, Colombia

Companies boasting holistic workspaces and employee experiences might be all the rage in rich, developed countries, but what about the rest of the world?