Specialists on the brink of an ovarian cancer breakthrough

Woman sat looking at view

Greater awareness of symptoms and earlier diagnosis, coupled with new drugs, are giving hope to women struck down by ovarian cancer

Dispute over the side effects of taking statins

statin side effects

For many, statins are a wonder drug that save many millions of lives worldwide, but despite this some patients have stopped taking them fearing side effects

World’s biggest eye survey will test UK’s sight


Experts predict a big jump in the number of people suffering sight loss as the UK’s population gets older – and need to know the true scale of the problem

HIV ignorance is still cutting lives short

Today is World Aids Day, a reminder that HIV has not gone away and there is still a vital need to raise awareness, fight prejudice and improve education

Battling heart disease in an ageing population

Despite improvements in survival rates, more needs to be done to save an ageing population from cardiovascular disease

UK lags behind rest of Europe with latest heart treatments

Lives are being lost and blighted in the UK as we lag behind other Western nations in introducing innovative procedures and new drugs

100% increase in sight loss forecast for 2020

The number of people in the UK living with some degree of sight loss is expected to double from two to four million by 2050 - yet half of all sight loss is avoidable. Provision of eyecare, which appears fragmented and under-resourced, must be increased to meet rising demand from an ageing population

Call to boost research funds

Research into eye disease and preventing blindness is limited, despite large sums raised by charities and promising developments, particularly from stem cell advances and gene therapy