7 crucial IP steps on your innovation journey

Innovation journey

Whether you design dresses or tech gadgets, both tangible and intangible assets need to be protected. So how does a business manage the intellectual property of a new product? Using a fictional product, tracked throughout its product development cycle, here is a step-by-step guide

What are dark patterns and how are they tricking me?

Dark patterns

Consumers are still largely responsible for protecting themselves against deceptive methods designed to make them part with more money or data online

What investors look for in a CEO

CEO top traits

The CEO is often a selling point for investors looking at new companies to support, but what is it exactly that they want in a CEO?

Exploring the dark side of frictionless shopping

Frictionless shopping

We are increasingly, and probably unconsciously, relying on algorithmic recommendations when shopping online. But when friction is completely removed, what is the impact on our emotional and cognitive relationships with the buying experience?

How to invest in wine

Invest in wine

It can be inaccessible and often intimidating, but investing in fine wines is a great way to diversify a portfolio, as long as you know how to get started

Should we treat ageing like a disease?

Ageing disease

Could reclassifying 'ageing' as a disease or condition alleviate the suffering that accompanies getting older?

The rise of the DIY investor

DIY Investors

Self-directed investing, where investors create and manage their own portfolios via an online platform, continues to grow as individuals are able to better control their investments and save on costly advisory fees

Why deal-making keeps getting harder

M&A deal making

Identifying, valuing and integrating targets for mergers and acquisitions is becoming an increasingly complex process for finance leaders