Tips for effective stroke prevention

Being aware of the risk factors and taking preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of stroke

Children’s eye health is at risk

NHS eye examinations for children under the age of 16 are free and could prevent serious problems developing later in life

Awareness and early diagnosis are key

Awareness and early diagnosis are key

A healthy lifestyle, increased awareness, and more widespread vaccination and screening have great potential to reduce the risk and rate of cancer

Measuring patient experience in UK

Measuring patient experience in UK

How well does the UK diagnose and treat cancer – and is there a postcode lottery with regional variations in the quality of care?

Care pathway: Onset to recovery

Looking at a stroke patient’s journey as a continuum or pathway enables a better understanding of the condition from onset to rehabilitation and recovery

Apps are key for patient health

Smartphone apps are key for patient health

Patients are set to become active players in a technology revolution which could improve their health and revive the NHS

Software to improve patient care

Software to improve patient care

Off-the-shelf technology can be put to better use with bespoke integrated software as hospitals rethink efficient patient care

3D printed hearts

Advances in 3D-printing technology present the prospect of building a working heart from human tissue, as Lorena Tonarelli reports