Busting myths about cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease affects people of all ages, from different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, but some may be more at risk than others

It’s far more than just an eye test

A thorough eye test at regular intervals can not only check your eyesight, it can detect signs of serious illness including diabetes and high blood pressure

Vision…Taken Seriously

National Eye Health Week, from September 22 to 28, is when the UK eyecare community promotes the importance of eye tests and looking after your eyes as a key part of general health, writes Lilian Anekwe

Rising UK birth rate and increased demand for private care

Couples seeking a more personalised service are choosing private maternity over the National Health Service, as Lilian Anekwe reports

Flexible option is best of both worlds

Deciding whether to have your baby within the NHS or to go private, calls for careful consideration, as Lilian Anekwe discovers

British embryo technique continues to grow

The technique of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), pioneered in Britain, has enabled millions of couples around the world to have children, but developments in fertility treatments continue to spark controversy, writes Lilian Anekwe

Social and cultural attitudes mean HIV has caught hold of Africa

Culture and stigma are issues preventing effective measures against HIV among black Africans in Africa and the UK, as Lilian Anekwe reports

Shortest life expectancy in world

The small, southern African kingdom of Swaziland is roughly the same size as Wales. It is blessed with a variety of landscapes, including mountains, savannah and rainforests – natural beauty that belies the significant economic and social problems the country faces, writes Lilian Anekwe