Debating the value of cryptos in COVID-19 market

COVID cryptos

Debate continues to rage over the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a frantic and volatile market

Reshaping and empowering the procurement role

Empowering procurement

Procurement, once seen as just a cost-cutting function, has now been thrust into the spotlight and will be crucial in determining the growth and survival of companies worldwide

Why insurers need to invest for the planet

Climate change planet

Insurers are starting to feel the pressure over climate change, not just as companies pay up when catastrophes hit, but also as the spotlight turns to insurance investment management

Brand integrity key to success in customer-centric world

Brand integrity

Brand integrity is paramount in a society that demands companies to be accountable, responsible and, most importantly, authentic

Tech-savvy millennials easy prey for fraudsters

Digital Generation Identity Fraud

Growing up with digital tech has meant the millennial generation is more comfortable with sharing their data, but it has left them likely victims of financial fraud

Is low FX volatility the quiet before the storm?

Analysts predict what lies ahead for foreign exchange markets in the coming months, following an unusually calm period of low volatility

Five ways tech is challenging traditional banking models

The way the financial services traditionally operate is being challenged by a range of smart new technologies

Protecting global supply chains from geopolitical risk

Global political events can impact world trade and supply chains in particular, so coping strategies are essential to limit disruption and maintain production