Train your traders or lose your clients

Trader training

Regulation and volatility has focused the minds of providers to offer education to retail traders as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition

Brand matters…more than ever

The coronavirus pandemic has sharpened consumer attitudes towards poor corporate behaviour, which could make or break brands in times of crisis

Why the CFO is no longer just a number cruncher

CFO as value driver

Assumptions of chief financial officers are often outdated, and organisations that are repositioning them at the centre of the business are making enormous gains

Turmoil, panic and bank runs in a digital future

The prospect of a run on a bank in the modern era was unthinkable, until September 2007. As we move towards a cashless society, could it happen again?

Is this the return of bitcoin?

Traders’ suspicions of cryptocurrencies are diminishing as institutional investors get more heavily involved. As the resurgence continues, here are the five biggest trends shaping the future of bitcoin right now

Chameleon in the boardroom

The role of chief financial officer has in recent years seen some of the biggest changes of all senior management roles

Big data skeleton key

With more information than ever being passed up to the boardroom, chief financial officers are looking to exploit the power of big data

How public sector procurement can have social value

With public sector organisations becoming increasingly aware that their procurement decisions have an impact on local communities, some are rethinking how they award contracts