Would you share your patient data to save lives?

Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind Health was given access to five years’ worth of patient data for 1.6 million people by the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

Used ethically, NHS patient data has the potential to improve healthcare and save lives

AI ‘victims’ of sexism answer back

AI sexism

Does gender matter in artificial intelligence? Does the fact that most virtual assistants default to female characters reflect outdated social norms and prejudices? Do developers and brands need a gender agenda?

10 top legal disruptors

Judges in wigs

From next-generation law firms to chatbots and tech-powered legal advice, here are ten startups transforming legal services

Chatbots and smart tech in law

Chatbots and smart tech in law

Strategic use of artificial intelligence by law firms is set to become a deciding factor for future success by improving client relationships and increasing profitability

5 digital transformation mistakes to avoid

Business mistakes to avoid

There is huge room for error in the digital transformation of a company, but here are five top pitfalls to watch out for

Gearing up for fully driverless cars

The self-driving car market is forecast to accelerate towards the end of the decade, but public confidence remains in the slow lane

Get used to virtual assistants in business life

They may still be a novelty for some, but virtual assistants look set to become labour-saving, revenue-generating additions to UK organisations

Firms must embrace AI or risk being left behind

Robot lawyers or artificially intelligent software offer law firms an opportunity to enhance and expand their practice while allowing the legal experts to concentrate on their core business