Healthy staff are good for business

People like working for a caring employer in a healthy environment

Banks behind on customer experience

It's time to catch up with technology

There is no other sector in such need of a customer experience overhaul as financial services

Customers set the business agenda

Customers set the business agenda

The value of customer loyalty, based on a positive experience of service, is more important than ever, writes Hazel Davis

Building a customer fanbase

Building a customer fanbase

Most companies know how to use social media to promote their business, but some are building successful cohesive and supportive online and offline customer communities, who are working almost as hard to back the brand as the paid employees. Hazel Davis reports

Has work left the building?

Has work left the building?

When designing an office, organisation, work culture and technology are of primary importance, as Hazel Davis reports

Investing in people

Recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent is central to ensuring quality project management, as Hazel Davis reports

Keeping shoppers satisfied

It makes good commercial sense to keep customers happy and there are some increasingly sophisticated ways of getting the job done, writes Hazel Davis

Creating customer loyalty

Hazel Davis has a ten-step loyalty guide for retailers who want to keep customers at the centre of their business