6 ways cloud is maximising customer experience

Companies are at the mercy of their customers these days and customer expectation is sky-high. If customers are not getting good service, they’re off, as fast as they can redeem their loyalty points. So with global spending on cloud infrastructure on the up, how are businesses using it to maximise customer experience

Customers are core to any digital strategy

For next-generation customer experience to maintain and increase sales, businesses must keep pace with technology and the expectations of a digital generation

Look where Santa is hanging out this Christmas

Theme parks and other visitor attractions are cashing in on the festive season by creating winter wonderlands for family fun

How to keep customers engaged in the mobile age

Mobile phones are so much a part of people’s lives that the user experience cannot afford to disappoint and must maximise customer engagement

Personalisation is key to increasing customer loyalty

Tailoring services and special offers is a key tool for increasing customer loyalty and is being driven by the digital data retailers can collect online from consumers

Smaller firms think big data

More small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are catching up with bigger businesses to make data work for their company

The new retail purchasing pathway

In a competitive marketplace, retailers must provide a seamless shopping experience online, whether mobile or at home, and in stores – or risk losing sales

Too many ways to pay

Too many ways to pay

The payments sector is fragmented as no one technology has achieved widespread adoption by businesses that may be unaware of the options and how they work