Small firms must also be aware of the threat of fraud

Fraud is as much of a threat to smaller firms as big businesses, so why are they lagging behind in prevention?

The impact of automating market research

Automating market research can get things done faster and cheaper, but care must be taken to safeguard quality when designing the necessary software

‘Human’ bots are chatting up customers

Artificial intelligence, although embedded in a computer driven by clever software, can nevertheless connect with consumers on a personal level and, through management efficiencies, enhance customer service

Can a computer know who is the best fit?

Should a computer really be entrusted with selecting the best candidate for an important job?

Big banks can learn from small startups

Traditional financial institutions are partnering with agile startups and learning to adapt to their customers’ raised expectations in a digital age

Getting engagement right to motivate staff

An effective engagement strategy can increase productivity and deliver a healthier bottom line, as well as attract and retain high-performing staff

Top solutions solve problem of easy payment

Top solutions solve the problem of easy payments

Smaller companies are increasingly turning to innovative payment solutions to transform their business, drive success and help compete with the big players

From millennials to technophobes: Managing personalities at work

Long gone are the days of a room full of lookalike salespeople following the same robotic spiel and working towards the same goals – diversity is a strength when managed well