5 troubling skin condition myths busted

Skin conditions

The skin is our largest organ, which protects us from a multitude of intruders, and is also a good mirror of our general health. But there are a number of troubling conditions, some of which carry persistent myths

Is the future of retail humanless?

There are times when customers prefer a no-nonsense robot, but humans aren’t redundant just yet

Brand ‘buy-in’ means bigger company profits

Professionals in the office

Engaging employees with brand identity will pay off in better products and services for customers, as well as improved staff morale, and show in the company’s bottom line

Should you re-employ a quitter?

Re-employing a quitter

A number of considerations should be weighed up when deciding whether to give a former employee their job back

The role of a data scientist and why we need them

the role of data scientists

The growing importance of data analytics in business is leading to the appointment of senior data scientists to provide company-wide insights

Protecting against the misuse of data from wearables

The information they collect is personal, so companies developing wearable technology must ensure privacy and protect against the misuse of data

On-demand freelance workers are on the rise


Freelancing is growing and offers benefits for both the gig worker who gains autonomy and the company that needs specialist skills on a project-by-project basis

Build loyalty and increase sales through personalisation

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win win

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win-win for consumers who enjoy a personalised service and businesses that increase their sales