Is it possible to ‘retrofit’ purpose?

Brand loyalty

Companies must have a purpose beyond profits to compete in a modern business environment, but can traditional institutions retrofit a corporate purpose authentically?

HR analytics: the human factor

When it comes to analysing a workforce, qualitative results can be just as important as the quantitative

Are all insights equal?

Analytics might help to identify high-performing individuals... but are these insights equal across different jobs and employees?

City of Culture boost gives Hull new life

City of Culture Hull Minster royal ballet performance

Hull has successfully reinvented itself as a sustained city of culture and tourist destination

Food for thought in UK’s seafood capital

fish traders at grimsby's fish auction house food

Business leaders in the food production sector remain optimistic despite continuing economic challenges

Pros and cons of corporate egg freezing

Egg freezing

Two thought leaders debate the pros and cons of corporate intervention in women’s fertility through a “freeze your eggs” benefit scheme

Female inventors and gender imbalance in patent applications

Woman inventor concept

Patent holders are usually men as, for a number of reasons, women tend to go unrecognised as inventors

Company cover for workplace wellness

Company healthcare cover illustration

Companies are increasingly providing private health cover for employees in a bid to gain flexibility and convenience, while at the same time helping to relieve pressure on the NHS