Can megaships save the global cruise industry?

Megaships industry

Changing expectations and demographics of cruise passengers have fuelled demand for vast liners offering countless on-board experiences, and competition is starting to heat up

Seven top construction innovations

At every level, from conceptual design, new materials and construction to maintenance, innovative digital devices, applications and methodologies are making their mark in the building industry

Cities of the future: digitally-transformed infrastructure

Building infrastructure can result in a complicated and disjointed project desperately in need of digital technologies to connect all parties

Treating city wastewater as a resource

Faced with a rising global water shortage, cities can no longer pour away precious resources and must recycle wastewater

UK rail networks need to get proactive and modernise

Shifting to a proactive, rather than reactive, model of investment and maintenance is vital to deliver the high level of reliability, punctuality and overall experience rail passengers expect

Managing water: the world’s most valuable asset

Young girl filling a pot from a water hand pump in Lahore, Pakistan

Successful management of water depends on people around the world realising what a precious and limited resource it is

Renewables: the most economic energy choice

IRENA director general Adnan Amin

Once relegated to an environmental alternative, renewables are becoming the most economic energy choice

Oil and gas consumption still rising despite environmental pressures

Oil rig

Demand and supply of oil and gas are set to change, but it is likely consumption will continue to rise for some time, despite environmental pressures