Biggest drivers behind digital transformation

Increasingly, at work, people expect the same slick, powerful technology and the same efficient, flexible methods that they’ve become used to as consumers. In short, they expect to work the way they live

Better leaders key to productivity

Cultural changes are forcing companies to think and act differently – and managing them is essential to business success

Content marketing merges with sales

Marketing and sales teams are becoming increasingly inter-dependent as the nature of selling changes, writes Edwin Smith

Rise of the machines

Edwin Smith takes a glimpse of the future in conversation with technology pioneer and futurologist Peter Diamandis

Shopping on the move

Personal technology continues to change the way we shop, but how can e-retailers improve the experience? Edwin Smith reports

UK’s position in the digital economy

The digital economy, spawned by the internet and the electronic technology accompanying it, is increasingly important to the UK, writes Edwin Smith

Advertising in a digital era

Greg Satell worked in media and advertising across Eastern Europe before returning to the United States as a consultant with a focus on digital, and writing regularly for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He tells Edwin Smith what digital means for advertising

Content marketing is for experts

If content marketing is to succeed, it must be expertly done, writes Edwin Smith