Business case for private jets

Liz Taylor

The idea of travelling by private jet can ring up dollar signs, but there are savings to made, especially in the use of a busy executive’s time

The rise of YouTube and video marketing

Video marketing

Video marketing, pioneered online by YouTube and coupled with the spread of smartphones, has put brands and their products in the palm of the consumer’s hand

Investment tips from Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, one of Britain’s most successful software entrepreneurs, tells Raconteur what to look for when investing in technology companies

The war for talent

War for talent across all fronts

Attracting, developing and retaining the most talented staff members is a major business investment

Best of British Manufacturing

Best British manufacturers

It might be a long time since anyone described the UK as “the workshop of the world”, but the country is still the eleventh largest manufacturing nation and the sector accounts for 54 per cent of exports, directly employing 2.6 million people. Raconteur showcases some of the businesses that have shown the innovation, growth and brand value to be recognised as the best of British

Many battles to win the war for fitness

Many battles to win the war for fitness

A veteran of the Afghan war tells Edwin Smith of the day he was wounded in action and describes his fight back to health

25 fintech companies set for stardom

top-25 fintech companies

From payments to investment service providers, Raconteur takes a look at 25 of the top fintech companies in the world

High-tech future of marketing

Advances in technology have made mobile marketing a powerful tool which simply cannot be ignored, as Edwin Smith reports