Getting personal with customers is the future of financial services

Customers taking out cash from cash machines

Online banks, awash with data from their customers’ smartphones, are leading the way in personalising financial services

Launching businesses in the platform economy

From music to the news, taxis to merchandise and accommodation to food deliveries, platforms are at the apex of the economy

How robotics are optimising warehouse operations

Robots in Ocado's distribution centre

With online shopping here to stay, more companies are poised to automate picking goods in their warehouses

RFID technology is boosting sales and customer engagement for retailers

Scanning stock using RFID

The technology is not new, but radio-frequency identification is the latest thing to hit the shelves

Marketers: the future CEOs?

01 Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis was previously a marketer and general manager at Unileve

Increasingly, marketers with transferable skills are making it to the top of the corporate ladder

Is digital market research ever enough?

Times Square

From loyalty card data to online buying behaviour, Google searches to website clicks, the digital explosion is offering up vast amounts of information about consumers and voters

Mega-companies make way for tech managers

Cloud computing has much to offer businesses of all sizes and take-up is accelerating with companies increasingly opting for a variety of providers

Finance tech puts CFOs in control of IT budgets

Finance tech screen

As corporate finance is transformed by new technologies, chief financial officers could increasingly take responsibility for company IT