Green innovations to change the world

Green next-gen design

Sustainable innovation is the holy grail of modern design, but how realistic is the ambition to combine aesthetics with practicality and green credentials?

Can agile principles help business cope with Brexit?

Agile values and principles could help businesses fend-off the worst the world has to throw at them. With the mother of all unknowns looming large, how can agility help companies adapt?

Why is CFO turnover rate so high?

The higher profile required of modern chief financial officers may mean they are vulnerable in a volatile business climate

Driving corporate sustainability

An ethical approach to business can not only be profitable, but is also often a requirement of discerning customers eager to safeguard the planet and protect workers

Is this the end of queueing at supermarket checkouts?

Outside an Amazon Go store in Seattle

New technology could soon make queueing at supermarket checkouts a thing of the past

How to prepare employees for the unexpected

Employees risk training

In a changing environment, only open communications, decision-making and protocols can steer organisations away from damaging events. But how do you ensure a high level of transparency across your business?

The true story of fake goods being sold online

Almost 90 per cent of Apple products sold on Amazon’s US site are reportedly fakes

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, are fertile ground for fraudsters selling fake goods at knockdown prices to eager shoppers

What do Millennials want from work?

millenials at work

There are a lot of lazy stereotypes concerning Millennials, the segment of the workforce currently (roughly) aged between 18 and 35. The nastier of these generalisations paint them as flighty, entitled and even indolent