New rules: stay ahead by predicting regulatory risk

Regulatory risk is an increasing burden, yet many firms are still not taking an integrated risk-based approach to dealing with compliance

Poor IT integration leads to M&A failures

Successful integration of IT systems can make or break mergers and acquisitions, no matter how good the business prospects

Are UK fintech firms ready for Brexit?

Philip Hammond speaking International Fintech at conference

The UK’s financial technology sector may see strong investment, but access to the global market will determine its success post-Brexit

A business merger marriage made in good negotiations

Business people shaking hands over merger deal

Three dynamics reflect the different ways in which the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) business is maturing – types of deal, skill at integration and post-merger preparation

The role of data in gaining valuable financial insights

Graph of financial data

Data can bring completely new insights into investment or provide customers with a real advantage when using a service

Algorithmic trading ushers in new era of market automation

At the stockmarket

Automating the management of money poses difficult challenges which must be overcome by creating trust and transparency

The benefits of greenfield technology in banking explained

Greenfield technology

Established financial organisations can often be disadvantaged by outdated legacy systems and need to start afresh with so-called greenfield technology

Challenger banks could win post-Brexit

Monzo Bank is a mobile-only bank based on an app that interacts with pre-paid MasterCards

Despite their smaller size, challenger banks have survived the buffeting of Brexit and could now gather speed for take-off