Why are so many talented lawyers moving in-house?

Lawyers are increasingly turning their backs on private practice and choosing to work in-house for corporations and other organisations

Brexit: untangling UK from EU intellectual property regulation

Britain’s exit from the European Union poses potential problems for businesses owning intellectual property rights and for the lawyers grappling with possible solutions

Glass ceiling keeps women from top jobs in law


Women are advancing in the legal profession, but sexist stereotypes may persist barring them from many of the top jobs

Protecting IP from bloggers and tweeters

Twitter billboard

With possible infringements of intellectual property rights online, social media has added an extra layer of complexity to the law

The digital shake up of law

Digital innovation in law

Law firms are finally embracing modernisation and preparing the next generation of lawyers for the digital age

The rise of the online courtroom

Justice Secretary Liz Truss

England and Wales look set to follow trailblazers in rolling out value-for-money online tribunals which sidestep the courts to resolve disputes via the internet

Bridging gender inequality through ‘returnships’

Two women in a meeting

Programmes to help women return to work after a career break are an important part of an organisation’s diversity strategy

Rio Olympics exposed the level of bribery and corruption in Brazil

Bribery and corruption is far from sporting behaviour, but sport has been tainted by greed and wrongdoing