Fears of reputational damage holds back AI deployment

AI deployment and reputation

Adoption levels of artificial intelligence and automation tools could be hindered by organisations’ fears about reputational damage in the event of a scandal

Transforming into a new kind of leader

Transforming leadership

Leadership styles for “business as usual” are no longer fit for purpose. During the coronavirus crisis, those leaders who can encourage trust and embrace relatability are succeeding

How to be an effective sales leader during the coronarivus crisis

Steering through uncertainty

Sales can quickly dry up in times of turmoil, so sales leadership during the biggest economic crisis in generations requires a well-defined strategy, positivity and communication

Ensuring the wellbeing of your remote workforce

hive hr remote working

With employees working at home due to COVID-19, it's crucial that HR leaders consider how to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of remote workers

Why we need a new way to measure performance

Measuring performance

Motivating a remote workforce and finding new ways to innovate and thrive is proving difficult during lockdown, but a previously unpopular way of measuring performance could help

5 ways HR can better equip leaders to navigate a crisis

HR leaders can play a pivotal role in equipping business leaders to reassure and motivate the workforce when navigating uncertain waters

Why firms still overlook their employer brand

Overlooking brand

While it's important to build a brand with customers and clients, failing to communicate drive and vision internally can damage employee engagement and reputation alike

Public sector employees and the government workforce of the future

government workforce of the future

Uncertain times, shifting demographics and changing customer expectations mean that many public sector workforces are in need of a refresh - and it falls to HR to lead this transformation