Jonathan Sears interview: Debunking the ‘future of work’ myth

hive jonathan sears future of work

The strategic importance of HR’s role should not be underestimated in a fast-changing work environment already impacted by disruptive and defining forces, says Jonathan Sears at EY PAS

Why good CEOs must be constantly learning

CEO unlearning

Business leaders of tomorrow need to prioritise self-development and ensure they are constantly renewing their skills and capabilities

Shaping the conscience of business

HR and ethics

Forget pure financials, corporate purpose is now the number-one priority for businesses and human resources is driving the change

When insider threats come right from the top

C-suite fraud

Insider threats hitting the headlines tend to be perpetrated by middle or lower management, but when fraud is carried out by the C-suite, the costs can be eye-watering

The challenge for HR to reshape leadership programmes

hr leadership development the hive

Senior business leaders have more on their plate than ever before, but must incorporate a culture of continuous learning if their organisation is to thrive

Calling for free eye tests for employees

Employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff are looked after, so why is eye health often the lowest priority?

How do you prove the ROI of workplace learning?

Making a business case for investment in learning and development requires a new way of thinking

How to lead a high-growth business

Being able to learn from mistakes, adapt to changing conditions and show self-awareness are all common attributes of successful leaders at early-stage companies