For and against the AI stylist

For and against AI stylists

Fashion experts debate the pros and cons of retailers using artificial intelligence to recommend products and outfits online

Taking immersive shopping to the next level

The high street is not dead, according to adidas, whose new flagship store on London’s Oxford Street is showcasing the very latest technology to reinvent the in-store shopping experience

Why fashion has to embrace sustainability

When higher consumption equals bigger profits, the balance between sustainable practices and traditional business models is becoming increasingly difficult for brands

Turning retail into a career for life

rail of clothes on hangers

In a sector known for high turnover, some brands are realising the benefits of nurturing and investing in employees to develop long careers

The true cost of unpaid fashion internships

Unpaid internships in London's elite fashion industry are hindering social mobility, with the costs involved simply out of reach for many aspiring professionals

Carnival welcome awaits Olympics and World Cup

Soccer’s 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics will draw people to Brazil where a sunny, laid-back lifestyle should appeal to many, writes Ana Santi