Content marketing strategy

Why you should care about your content marketing strategy

Without a strong content marketing strategy in place, you’re not providing your business with the best foundations for success. Most brands are losing the content battle — we’re here to make sure yours doesn’t.

It takes a truly exceptional approach to grab the attention of business decision‐makers. Our extensive research shows that 71 per cent of executives think brand content is boring, expected and repetitive. In a competitive landscape, it’s imperative that your content can cut through the noise.

How Raconteur Agency can help with your content marketing strategy

We’ll devise a strategy to engage and influence your target audience. Our expert strategists will tailor a bespoke content marketing solution to achieve your goals and fuel your content calendar all year round.

To outline our approach and ensure that what we do is right for you and your business, we run stakeholder workshops in the initial stages so that our process is informed by the key influencers in your business from the get‐go. As our client, you’ll be at the centre of everything we do, and involved at every stage of the process.

Starting with a robust context analysis, we will run content audits to evaluate your existing content and identify innovation opportunities.

Next, we conduct audience profiling to understand your audience’s needs and carve out your editorial positioning in your industry’s landscape.

After establishing clear KPIs, we’ll develop a defined content framework with a clear vision that will guide all future content creation.

We’ll then equip you with a practical blueprint for success. You’ll receive clear guidelines to ensure that your content marketing strategy is implemented consistently and drives business results.

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