4 new beauty brands to watch

We reveal the new beauty startups taking on the big players

Beauty products

Tom Daxon beauty product1. TOM DAXON

The son of the long-term creative director of Molten Brown, Tom Daxon launched his eight-strong fragrance line in a bid to cut through the sector’s marketing hype and introduce a new ethos of transparency and accessibility. He has followed up with shower gels and a body lotion.

Trestique beauty product2. TRESTIQUE

This startup has challenged the inconvenience of a cupboard full of miscellaneous creams and scrubs by simplifying them all into one format – the pencil, easy to carry and never spilling. The company, co-founded by long-time Revlon employee Jenn Kapahi, has even managed to devise a foundation and bronzer in pencil form.

Skin and Tonic London product3. SKIN & TONIC LONDON

With simplicity as its point of difference, all of this young brand’s products are made from the same seven ingredients or fewer, allowing it to pitch itself too as ethically and environmentally sounder. Its less-is-more approach extends to making many of its products two-in-one, so scrub doubles up as face mask, for example.

Onomie product4. ONOMIE

Launching with just two products – a concealer and a highlighter – Onomie was founded by tech entrepreneur Kal Vepuri to produce cosmetics with skincare attributes. The highlighter, for instance, is infused with vitamin C. Direct to consumer sales is also allowing the brand to make a claim to the “affordable luxury” segment.