What does the 5G landscape look like without Huawei?

Huawei and 5G

What does the government’s forced removal of Huawei mean for the competitive landscape and delivery plans of the UK’s 5G network?

Can tech tackle counterfeit fashion?

Picture of counterfeit luxury handbags by Burberry and Louis Vuitton

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but counterfeit fashion products are costing the real deal in both reputation and revenue; new technology might be an answer

Why do mission statements matter?

Mission statements matter

Mission statements are more than just a public relations exercise; they can help engage staff, improve company culture and guide a business through a crisis

Why do we still use passwords?

Using Passwords

Most cyber attacks and data breaches remain the result of weak password security. So, with a growing number of more secure alternatives now available, why are they still widely used?

Browsing the Internet’s most searched 5G questions

questions about 5g

Data from AnswerThePublic, an online tool that collates the most searched phrases about any topic on Google and Bing, reveals all manner of myths and misunderstandings about 5G. Some are merely bothersome, others could hinder its growth. The truth, however, is out there

What is driving IoT apathy?

IoT apathy

Widespread hype around the internet of things continues to promise great things, but adoption and the pace of delivery has underwhelmed

Why you can’t treat all social data the same

Analysing the enormous volumes of data generated by social media networks can be a powerful tool, but it’s important to know the subtle distinctions in how consumers use each platform

Biometric payments: convenient or creepy?

Biometric identity checks could hold the key to countering fraud and offer a more convenient way of paying, but obstacles may stand in the way of widespread adoption