What is driving IoT apathy?

IoT apathy

Widespread hype around the internet of things continues to promise great things, but adoption and the pace of delivery has underwhelmed

Why you can’t treat all social data the same

Analysing the enormous volumes of data generated by social media networks can be a powerful tool, but it’s important to know the subtle distinctions in how consumers use each platform

Biometric payments: convenient or creepy?

Biometric identity checks could hold the key to countering fraud and offer a more convenient way of paying, but obstacles may stand in the way of widespread adoption

Small beauty brands can now attract big money

Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson co-founders of Too Faced

Successful independent beauty brands are the targets of private equity investors as well as major brands in an active acquisitions market

Are connected homes just a short step away?

Smart fridge

Connected living with smart tech home appliances serving their owners is no longer the stuff of science fiction and could soon become mainstream

4 new beauty brands to watch

Beauty products

We reveal the new beauty startups taking on the big players

The rise of the beauty startup

Person holding a red lipstick

Fresh new startups are taking on the cosmetic giants and finding a market with appealing offerings catering for individualistic consumers

The evolution of spectacles from necessity to style statement

John Lennon

Glasses have transformed from being medical necessities for people with dodgy eyesight to a fashion accessory par excellence